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This book has been written in order to interest the general public and the older schoolchildren of Burnley in the origin and development of their town. It is also hoped that the future student of Burnley’s history will find in these pages a convenient compendium of the necessary material.

The present volume traces the history of Burnley up to the transition stage from hamlet to village: the writer hopes that it will-be possible later to show its growth from village to town and thence to its present status as a large and important industrial centre.

Many friends have given valuable assistance in the preparation of the book, and I acknowledge most gratefully my indebtedness to them. Above all, I wish to thank Dr. J. Wilfrid Jackson, D.Sc., F.G.S., of Manchester University, and Dr. G. H. Tupling, M.A., B.Se., Ph.D., Lecturer in Local History at Manchester University. Dr. Jackson has read, criticised and amended the script of the Introduction and the first two Chapters: his unfailing kindness has freed the earlier part of the text from serious errors. Dr. Tupling on many occasions has willingly given me the benefit of his detailed knowledge of local Mediaeval History and, in addition, has read, criticised and corrected with meticulous care the script of Chapters III—XVIII. The interpretation of historical ’data almost invariably rouses some criticism, but the help given by Dr. Jackson and Dr. Tupling has given me greater confidence in publishing this book. I also wish .to thank Mr. W. Stuttard, B.A., of the Burnley Grammar School, and G. A. Wood, M.A., of Burnley. for their valuable advice, helpful criticism and material aid with the script. In addition, I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Mr. W. Colvin, M.I.Min.E., Deputy Principal of the Burnley Municipal College, for help with the geological information contained in the Introduction, to Mr. F. Heap, of the Burnley Grammar School, who has kindly drawn all the illustrations, to the Staff of the maps and to the Clerical Borough Surveyor for preparing Staff of the Town Hall for much appreciated assistance with the typing.

Lastly. I wish to express my sincere thanks to the Burnley Borough Council for undertaking the publication of this book, which would otherwise have remained manuscript

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