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 +<​html><​a class="​weatherwidget-io"​ href="​https://​​en/​53d79n2d24/​burnley/"​ data-label_1="​BURNLEY"​ data-label_2="​WEATHER"​ data-theme="​pure">​BURNLEY WEATHER</​a>​
 +!function(d,​s,​id){var js,​fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];​if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);​;​js.src='​https://​​js/​widget.min.js';​fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,​fjs);​}}(document,'​script','​weatherwidget-io-js'​);​
 +<columns 100% first column attributes 66% second column attributes ->
 +====== Burnley, North West England ======
 +This site was built by a person born in Burnley, this site is able to support external edits by anybody, you can create a page or a namespace by inserting a custom forward slash of,​ for example;​churches or​events/​weekends. You must first create an account to edit the site.
 +<columns 100% first column attributes 33% second column attributes 33% third column attributes ->
 +[[transport|Public Transport]] \\
 +[[listedbuildings|Listed Buildings]] \\
 +[[worship|Worship]] \\
 +[[landmarks|Landmarks]] \\
 +[[history|History]] \\
 +[[education|Education]] \\
 +[[sport|Sport]] \\
 +[[events|Events]] ​
 +[[emmaus|Emmaus]] \\
 +[[townhall|The Town Hall]] \\
 +[[weaverstriangle|Weavers Triangle - Museum]] ​ \\
 +[[queensskatepark|Queens Skatepark]] \\
 +[[singingringingtree|Singing Ringing Tree]] \\
 +[[cinema|Cinema]] \\
 +[[bowling|Bowling]] \\
 +[[leedsandliverpoolcanal|Leeds and Liverpool Canal]] ​
 +[[churches|Churches]] \\
 +[[stpeterschurch|St Peter'​s Church]] \\
 +[[Briercliffe Road Baptist/​Methodist Church|Briercliffe Road Baptist/​Methodist Church]] \\
 +[[St Cuthbert|St Cuthbert]]