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Cats Rescue (plan)
Build a place for cats to live with everything they need whilst between homes

Needs: food - water - shelter - warmth - air - sun - space - protection from predators - prevented from damaging local wildlife - birth control - flea treatments



- have people allowed to drop cats off or pick cats up & to visit and care for cats that are in care

- let people put a cat there temporarily and take it back home later

- let people take a cat there to then be chosen to be taken home by another person

Take care of any cat & keep within capacity whilst maintaining a no kill policy

How it works

People call our number to check if space is available, if so;
Each cat must be brought in during our opening times & the person bringing the cat will be asked if this cat is being left to look for a new home or if the cat is to be took back home by them later.

if they say it needs a new home, they must sign a document corresponding to this & they can then say goodbye to their cat before handing it through to the covid secure environment

The cat is then left alone temporarily with food, water, shelter, airflow, sunlight, warmth & a litter tray within a 6x6x6 foot space for 72 hours & checked on during this period for any problems that may need treating.

If the cat is ok it is then placed into general population which is an area for healthy cats.

Freedom to roam

cats with problems are put into quarantine if they need to be & treated with the aim of placing into general population once it is safe for all the cats.

Each cat in general population must have 6x6x6 foot of space allocated, its own litter tray and food bowl, access to a constant water source, access to open air and sunlight, shelter & the correct temperature.

Please see our sister site where we are trying to find out the law around cats

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